Join us for this special life-writing event with Catherine Cho, Hadley Freeman and Georgina Lawton. Inspired by the work of Gordon Burn, we have brought together a panel of writers whose novels expertly explore their own realities.

When Catherine Cho left London for the US, to introduce her family to their new-born son, she could not have envisaged that the trip would end with Catherine in an involuntary psych ward in New Jersey. Separated from her husband and child, unable to understand how she had got there, Catherine had to reconstruct her entire life. The result is Inferno, a powerful exploration of psychosis and motherhood.

When Hadley Freeman found a shoebox filled with her French grandmother’s treasured belongings, it started a decade-long quest to dig deep into the extraordinary lives of her grandmother, Sala Glass, and her three siblings. The search takes Hadley from Picasso’s archives in Paris to Long Island and to Aushwitz. Addressing themes of assimilation, identity, and home, House of Glass is moving memoir exploring issues of the past that are deeply relevant today.

In Georgina Lawton’s childhood home, her Blackness was never acknowledged; the obvious fact of her brown skin ignored by her white parents. Over time, secrets and a complex family story became accepted as truth. It was only when her beloved father died that the truth began to emerge. Raceless is both the compelling personal account of a young woman seeking her own story and an essential examination of modern racial identity.

Chaired by Simon Savidge.