Fiona Hill in Conversation with Anne McElvoy

Dr. Fiona Hill grew up in a working-class mining community in Bishop Auckland, County Durham and attended Bishop Barrington Comprehensive school. Fiona’s subsequent career saw her move to the United States, first to study at Harvard University and later to work as Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States and as Senior Director for European and Russian affairs on the National Security Council from 2017-2019: her testimony during Trump’s impeachment hearings made international news.

Fiona’s new book There is Nothing for You Here: Finding Opportunity in the 21st Century draws on her personal experiences in Russia, Europe and America and explains how our currently polarised society is the result of long historical trends, from imperial over-reach to post-industrial decline, that have long afflicted Russia and the UK and are now beginning to affect the USA.

“Growing up in coalmining country in the North East of England,” says Dr Hill, “I was told by my dad that I should get out – that I should go to London, or Europe or America… Since then, my personal and professional lives have led me from the UK to Russia and finally to the United States, where I have found great opportunity but also many of the same challenges.”

Fiona Hill will be in conversation with journalist and broadcaster Anne McElvoy, who also grew up in County Durham.